Direkt neben meiner Werkstatt liegt dieser Garten mit dem Teich ... ... hier finde ich Anregung und Ruhe ... ... hier kann ich meine Phantasie beflügeln lassen

Sculptures for garden: planned by head and heart, handmade, decided for your eye, to pleasure your mind.

My target is to create and produce sculptures of space which give a person the idea of completing the figure. I here with tie to Picasso, Le Corbusier and MC Escher. I wand to develop their intention in the plastic area.
27 years ago, I've started to argue with the material metal, with the connection of fire and hard metal. I was born 1946 in France - after matriculation I've studied at Polytechnic, but trade drag me on. Therefore I've learnt the job of a metal and blacksmith. In 1973 I arrived at Black Forest and found a work at Messrs Meinrad Kirner at Hochenschwand. 1977 - after my trade examination - I got a new job as an artsmith at Messrs. Klaus Walz at Villingen. I'm independent since 1987.

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